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Mission Statement

Professional Self Storage Management, LLC, was formed for the express purpose of offering professional management services to the self storage industry. Professional Self Storage will manage for individual clients self storage facilities and related entities.

Our goal is to maximize revenues using aggressive and comprehensive marketing techniques, constantly reviewing individual storage unit size prices and adjusting them according to the highest possible levels, maintaining a low delinquency and loss rate, using customer enticements only when necessary and frequently comparing our product to our competitors.

We evaluate each individual expense item and attempt to achieve receiving the highest value for the lowest cost in order to maintain an acceptable expense to revenue ratio. It is our policy to only purchase goods and services that will directly affect our client's stores bottom line in a positive aspect.

We use the latest available technology for our accounting and performance evaluation of each property. It is our intent to as close as possible provide the individual client with a properly planned and explained budget and when comparing our actual results to our budget we will always have an explanation for variance (both positive and negative) from the budget.

Our communications with the client and the individual store managers is often and complete. We properly train our employees and give them the tools they need in order to complete their tasks in a timely, efficient and professional manner.

Our task is to treat each store as though it were our own and to always have "pride of ownership" within each individual location. We spend the necessary time on each store and provide constant training and enhancements to each individual manager and management team.

In summary, we strive to be the highest quality management team in the industry and to have our individual clients always be able to recommend our services to others.

Mel Holsinger,
Managing Member

The Owner

Mr. Holsinger graduated from Black Hills State University with a B.S. Degree in Business Administration. While earning his degree, he was employed with several major Fortune 500 companies and earned several promotions in the accounting and finance areas.

Mr. Holsinger began his self storage career with National Self Storage Management, Inc. His achievements as Controller and ultimately Treasurer were highlighted by revising the corporate audit program, designed numerous management reports for financial analysis, preparing and evaluating numerous development and acquisition projects and developing a cash management system.

Mr. Holsinger, along with Mr. Joseph Niemczyk formed Executive Self Storage Associates and from 1987 to 2003 grew the company to one of the top twenty operators in the year 2003. Executive managed over 200 properties in that span and when Mr. Holsinger left to form Professional Self Storage Management, LLC, Executive Self Storage Associates, Inc., was overseeing over 65 properties in 16 states.

Mr. Holsinger formed Professional Self Storage Management as a result of his desire to manage properties on a more personal level and from his commitment to excellence with a select number of clients. Mr. Holsinger has extensive knowledge and experience in the industry and is frequently a speaker at industry trade shows and programs. Additionally, Mr. Holsinger is a member of several civic and professional organizations and is often called upon to mentor other business associates.

What We Do

Professional Self Storage Management, LLC, manages self storage locations for individuals, corporations and partnerships. Our role is to manage your business on a day to day basis, thus allowing the owner to spend his/her valuable time on other activities.

Professional Self Storage Management, LLC, provides the complete marketing programs, on site manager hiring, training and supervision, site operations policies and procedures, unit pricing, budgeting, cash flow statement creation, accounts payable and banking duties, payroll administration, insurance administration, site audits and preventative maintenance programs.

Professional Self Storage Management, LLC, provides clients with market feasibility studies, acquisition due diligence studies, assists with acquiring financing, broker services and tax reduction services, construction supervision and design consulting.

How We Do It

Professional Self Storage Management LLC, has trained, experienced and motivated staffing. We maintain a low ratio of stores to each supervisor and staff positions (accounting, secretarial, general administration).

Daily communications with each location via facsimile, email or telephone. We have a reporting system in place that allows us to have up to date information at a moments notice. Our stores have internet capabilities and email communications is highly encouraged. Our supervisors are equipped with the latest in technology for communications and job performance duties.

Weekly and monthly reporting. Our stores update the supervisors weekly and at the end of the month. Our accounting is simple but effective. Our auditing programs are constantly in place and updated often.

Personal Visits. Our supervisors are in the field and spend time at each location on a frequent basis. Continual training of the managers on site is required. Competitor information is completed each quarter and our market studies are updated frequently.

Why Choose Us

Professional Self Storage Management, LLC has the experience to manage your self storage property from the idea stage all the way through maximum occupancy levels. We have the staffing, we have the knowledge, and we have the desire to provide your self storage location with quality management services.

Professional Self Storage Management, LLC, gives you value for their services. Our fee structure is competitive with the industry's top operators and we will give you performance for your dollars spent.

Professional Self Storage Management, LLC, will operate your property effectively and will create a higher net worth to the individual investor.

Professional Self Storage Management, LLC, will maintain your property in an acceptable manner and will constantly update all deferred maintenance items.

Professional Self Storage Management, LLC, will give you peace of mind knowing your self storage facility is performing at its highest level.

When Are We Available?

Professional Self Storage Management, LLC, is ready, able and willing to talk to you today regarding the management or other services we provide in the self storage industry.

Professional Self Storage Management, LLC
3434 E. Kleindale, Suite E
Tucson, Arizona 85716

Write us or contact us by email (info@proselfstorage.com), telephone (520-320-9135) or facsimile (520-320-9435).

References available upon request.

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