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Resume of Professional Self Storage Management, LLC & Argus Professional Storage Management, LLC

Professional Self Storage Management, LLC was incorporated in October of 2003 in the State of Arizona by Melvin Holsinger.

Since January of 2004, the company has grown to over 60 self storage facilities under its management and is now operating in 8 states consisting of Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Washington and Wyoming. Currently the company has approximately 22,050 rental spaces with just over 2,500,000 square feet under its direction. The company has a senior staff consisting of Director of Operations Korey Hanson along with five District Managers. Professional Self Storage Management has approximately 120 employees operating the facilities on a daily basis.

In 2011, Professional Self Storage Management merged with Argus Self Storage Sales Network to form a company now known as Argus Professional Storage Management. Argus is owned by Mr. Ben Vestal who has more than 10 years’ experience in the self storage industry. Together they bring to the industry a full service sales and brokerage service and a top level third party management company. A.P.S.M. has been one of the fastest growing and is one of the top 20 independent management companies in the U.S.

The company philosophy is simple yet effective. Argus Professional Storage Management uses cutting edge technology to enhance each property’s value and give our onsite Managers the tools and support they need to serve the needs of individual clients, resulting in a best in class value enhancement management service. We continually challenge our personnel by setting high operational and sales goals, and create a work environment where quality people want to work for us. Our mission is to maximize revenue and be good stewards of our client's funds for expenses.

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