Consulting Services

Professional Self Storage Management, LLC offers to the client many consulting services for the self-storage industry. A listing and brief description of these services is as follows:

1) Facility Evaluations - We can provide you with an independent evaluation of your facility that includes first impressions (street look), office, managers, property presentation and deferred maintenance, customer service items and day-to-day operations. Often times an owner may not see the lost potential, negative aspects or other parts of their operation simply because they do not have the time or perhaps they never had the need. In today's fast paced competitive markets, you owe it to your self to be sure you are operating at the peak potential.

2) Due Diligence Studies - Looking at acquiring a self-storage facility? You may need some help in performing your Due Diligence Study. Professional Self Storage Management, LLC has performed numerous due diligence studies for clients and is committed to giving a potential buyer as much information as possible to help them make their decision.

3) Buying or Selling Your Facility - So you have had a good investment but now you are looking to sell your facility. We have an extensive list of clients whom are always in the market and we can put you together with them. We are not Brokers and do not perform Broker's services or receive Broker's fees. What we can do is give you an independent analysis of your store, its potential value and some helpful hints on how to sell your facility for the maximum price.

These services are just some of the ways that you can have Professional Self Storage Management, LLC assist you in your self-storage needs.

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Consulting services are available from Professional Self Storage Management, LLC

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