Feasibility Studies

Professional Self Storage Management, LLC offers to the client the services of performing a Feasibility Study. As a potential developer of a self storage facility, most lenders will require that you present them with a Feasibility Study for the property you plan on developing, and since many have become more sophisticated in the industry, are going to require that you have one done by a reputable, experienced and recognized company. Professional Self Storage Management, LLC is that Company.

A Market Feasibility Study will provide a wide scope of information that will allow the developer to decide whether or not the proposal is acceptable for the project. We refer to them as a "Market Feasibility Study" because each self-storage facility has its own distinctive market, and the study is geared towards determining how the facility will perform in a specific market. While national trends, statistics, and demographics play a role in the overall industry, it is imperative that the developer will understand how his/her particular facility will perform in his/her particular market.

The study will include a write up of the project and developers concept, a study and analysis of the existing (and possible future) competition, an analysis of the demographics for the market area, traffic counts and their relationship to the property, market barriers, a 27 point evaluation that rates necessary criteria for a successful operation, a suggested unit mix, five year pro-forma and rent-up projection and a summary of the project.

As the industry has evolved and in many markets has become saturated, it is imperative that the Market Feasibility Study give the developer as much information as possible to help them decide the entire risk/reward of their site.

If you need professional assistance for your Market Feasibility Study and would like a proposal for fees and services, please contact Mr. Mel Holsinger at 520-320-9135 or via email at info@proselfstorage.com.

We are certain you will be pleased with what we have to offer.

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