Our Management Team

Executive Leadership 

Korey Hanson | President, COO

As the President of Argus, Mr. Korey Hanson is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the management company and all 100+ managed storage facilities. Korey has been a part of this company since it began in 2012. He works closely with his district managers and other corporate level employees to ensure maximum efficiency of day to day operations. While remaining active in new management acquisitions and maintaining client relations. He also sits on the Board of Directors for the Arizona Self Storage Association. In the company, Korey started out as an Area Manager quickly working his way up to Director of Operations and eventually to President. Gaining experience in all areas of self storage allowed Korey to see how development, operations, marketing, accounting and finance all work together to create a business. 
Korey Hanson

Amy Hitchingham | Exec Vice President

Amy Hitchingham has over 15 years of experience in the self-storage industry. She joined the Argus Self Storage Sales Network in 2002 and served as the company's Director of Marketing and Operations before becoming Vice President in 2006. Amy has been a Principal of Argus Professional Storage Management since 2012. She holds a bachelor's degree in Marketing from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado where she was a member of the Sigma Iota Epsilon honors fraternity and received Dean's List honors throughout her tenure. Amy has experience in the advertising and marketing fields and has worked in various industries including commercial building, healthcare and business-to- business advertising. With extensive experience in the self-storage industry, Amy has specialized expertise in marketing this unique property type. She is responsible for all of the marketing and operations functions of the Argus Network.
Amy Hitchingham
Capital Improvements

Jason Farlee | Director of Capital Improvements

Jason Farlee joined the Argus Professional Storage Management Team in 2017 and serves as the company’s Director of Capital Improvements. He works with the management team to address the capital improvement needs of all client properties. From routine maintenance to major property renovations, Jason strives to ensure that all of APSM’s managed facilities are maintained at the highest level possible.Prior to joining APSM, Jason worked as a Parent Aide Coordinator for Aviva Children’s Services where he acquired valuable skills in the management of programs and personnel. After serving in the U.S. Marine Corps out of High School, he earned a BA in Psychology from the University of Arizona.Jason enjoys spending time with his family and friends when he’s not at work. On weekends he can be found fishing, hunting, or working around the house.
Jason Farlee
Marketing & Advertising

Alexander Chambers | Marketing Director

Alexander Chambers joined Argus Professional Storage Management as a Marketing Coordinator in 2015. He currently oversees APSM’s Marketing Department and serves as its Marketing Director. Alexander is skilled in design and creates logos and print/online ads for APSM’s sites. He manages Google Adwords campaigns and works with our web companies on developing and maintaining all of APSM’s websites. All advertising and related items for the company go through Alexander. Before joining the self storage industry, Alexander worked in the automotive sector, both in a car dealership and aftermarket parts manufacturing. In addition to his 7 years of marketing and reputation management experience, Alexander is a BSA Explorer Scouting Volunteer and restores classic cars. He is an Arizona native and University of Arizona Alumni.
Alex Chambers

Catherine Hlbert | Marketing Coordinator

Catherine Hlbert joined the Argus Professional Storage Management Team in April 2019 and serves as the company’s Marketing Coordinator. She assists APSM’s marketing director, regional managers and district managers with advertising/marketing related duties. Catherine is responsible for the entire company’s social media marketing as well as updating of websites, reputation management by monitoring online customer reviews, and various other internet marketing efforts. She is also in charge of ordering promotional items for all of APSM’s sites.

Prior to joining APSM, Catherine attended the University of Arizona. When she's not at work, Catherine enjoys writing, filmmaking, playing video games, and going to hockey games (Go Yotes!). 
Catherine Hilberyt

Cheyenne Sevy | Marketing Coordinator

Cheyenne Sevy joined the Argus Professional Storage Management team in June of 2019 and is a member of the marketing team. She also takes care of general tasks for our corporate office such as ordering supplies. She assists APSM's marketing team with reputation management as well as other duties such as social media advertising. Prior to joining APSM, Cheyenne worked at Hermosa Montessori Charter School and Compass High School as a teachers assistant and tutor. She currently attends Pima Community College and spends her free time doing homework or playing video games.

Carly Mallen | Marketing Coordinator

Carly Mallen joined the Argus Professional Storage Management team in 2021 as our Internet Marketing Coordinator. She creates, monitors, and reports on digital marketing strategies for all our properties. Prior to joining APSM, Carly pursued a graduate degree at the University of Colorado but remains a UofA Wildcat at heart from her undergrad years. She has worked in media advertising and marketing for military and aerospace technology. In her free time, Carly enjoys traveling and cooking with family and friends.

Shifali Zimmer | Accounting Controller

Shifali Zimmer is an innovative and driven accounting professional with over 10 years of experience. She has worked in industries such as real estate investing, manufacturing, government contracting, and health care. She has earned a bachelor’s degree in Communication and a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Management where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. She has also earned a master’s degree in Accounting. Shifali strives to learn new ways of doing things and thinks outside the box to achieve complex challenges. She has expertise in managing multiple companies and creating efficiencies and automation within processes as well as documenting policies and procedures. She has led finance integrations efforts as well as mergers and acquisitions and has overcome obstacles those have brought. Shifali has strong interpersonal skills and enjoys building relationships with those throughout the organization.

Nicole Quesnel | Accounting Manager

Nicole Quesnel joined the Argus Professional Storage Management Team in 2012 and now serves as the company’s Controller. She is responsible for overseeing the Accounting Department, all Financial Reporting, Budgeting and plays a major role in Client Relations. Nicole has over 23 years of experience in the accounting field and eight years in operations. She has worked in various industries including construction, healthcare, legal and the welding industry prior to exploring the self-storage industry. She has experience with job-costing, payroll, AR/AP, financial preparation and assisting in managing a plant facility. Nicole enjoys spending time with her dog, friends and D.I.Y. projects. She is an avid reader and involved in animal charities as well as volunteering at nursing homes.
Nicole Quesnel

Yvonne Horton | Accounting Lead

Yvonne joined Argus in August 2018. She is the newest member of the accounting team and recently moved here from Colorado. Yvonne is responsible for accounts payable, bank statements, weekly revenue importing, and other accounting related tasks. Yvonne has over 30 years of experience in accounting and has held many years in management. Outside of Argus, she enjoys lots of quality time with her grandchildren and all of the family. 
Yvonne Horton

Beth Shafer | Accounting

Beth joined the Argus Professional Storage Management Team in February 2014 and serves as the company’s Accounting Administrator. She is responsible for Accounts Payables, Bank Statements, Weekly Revenue Importing, and other Accounting related tasks. She also plays a key role in the on-boarding of new management accounts. Prior to joining APSM, Beth studied at The University of Arizona, She has been a successful Real Estate Broker for the last 30 years. Beth plays a vital role in our company and is fabulous to have around the office.When not in the office Beth is a proud mother of 2, she enjoys spending time with her 4 grandchildren and is a hardcore Greenbay Packers fan!
Beth Shafer

Sharon Brislin | Accounting Specialist

Joined the Argus Professional Storage Management Team in 2018 and serves as the company’s Accounting Administrator. She is responsible for  Accounts Payable, Bank Statements, Weekly Revenue Importing, and other Accounting related tasks. She also plays a key role in the on-boarding of new storage management accounts.Prior to joining APSM Sharon attended Southwestern College in Chula Vista, CA. Sharon is an Accountant and has studied business management as well. Sharon is considered an Accounting/Payroll specialists and holds 30+ years of experience in her field.  She enjoys long rides on her motorcycle, traveling, gardening and being around her children/grandchildren. 
Sharon Brislin

Cristina Ball | Accounting

Cristina Ball joined Argus Professional Storage Management in 2020. She is responsible for accounts payable, bank statements, weekly revenue importing, and other accounting related tasks. Cristina has an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration and over 20 years of experience in accounting.  She has worked for Construction companies, an Advertising Agency and prior to APSM a Cosmetic Surgery Center.  In her spare time Cristina enjoys spending time with her family and reading.

Carina Orozco| Accounting

Carina joined the Argus team in September of 2019. She is a Store Accountant responsible for accounts payables, bank statements and other accounting related duties for 45+ storage facilities.  Prior to joining the team Carina worked for 9 years for a General Contractor doing accounts receivable/payables and also assisted in payroll. She also worked for local major retail store for 14 years. There she started in Customer Service, and eventually ended up working in Payroll for her last 6 years there.  When not with the Argus team, the mother of 2 enjoys spending time with her children. She loves making memories on vacations and watching her Dodgers play!

Lilian Burgos | Accounting

Lilian Burgos joined Argus professional Storage management in 2020. Lilian is responsible for preparing Financial Statements, Accounts Payable, Monthly Revenue Importing and other accounting related tasks. Lilian has over 7 years of experience in Accounting. Lilian is a San Diego native who recently moved to Arizona. Prior to joining APSM, she worked as an Accountant for a Securities Law Firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions. In her free time Lilian enjoys spending time with her two dogs and taking trips to her home town.

Eric Arvizo | Accounting

Eric Arvizo joined Argus Professional Storage Management in June 2021 and serves as the company’s Accounts Payable Representative. He is responsible for accounts payable, obtaining W-9 and certificate of insurance forms from vendors, setting up new vendors, and researching discrepancies. Prior to joining APSM, Eric moved from Albuquerque, New Mexico after graduating with his bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Northern Arizona University in April 2021. In his free time, he enjoys sports, movies, video games, watching the New England Patriots, and making memories with his girlfriend.

Cindi Barth | Accounting

Bio Coming Soon!

Trevor Behan | Accounting

Bio Coming Soon!

Sharie Tweedy | Accounting

Sharie Tweedy has been in the self storage industry since 1992, starting out as a Site Manager and was promoted to the corporate office at Professional Self Storage Management in 2004 to work in Accounting and Human Resources. She has been a part of Argus Professional Storage Management since its inception and currently serves as the company’s Lead Human Resources Associate. Sharie is responsible for payroll, sales taxes, check cutting and reviewing financials, among other HR related duties.Sharie enjoys crafts and spending time with grandchildren.
 Sharie Tweedy
Data Analyst

Cole Carosella | Analyst

Cole joined Argus in November of 2018 with 3 years experience in sales and marketing. Prior to joining Argus, he worked for 1 year at Trans-Western as an industrial broker on the Land and Industrial team. Before making the switch to real estate, Cole primarily worked in the food sector including CPG firms Boulder Brands and Atkins Nutritional's. These previous job experiences greatly benefited Cole in gaining valuable interpersonal and negotiating skills that have translated well into the real estate world. A Colorado local for 12 years, Cole has been in and around the market and is focused on putting his skills and attributes towards the self-storage markets.
Cole Carosella

Human Resources

Brenden Robinson | Director of Human Resources
Brenden has over 30 years of executive Human Resources experience and leads our professional Human Resources Team as a strategic partner in building Argus’ businesses by maximizing the value of human capital, aligning it with our initiatives, values, mission, strategies, and the needs of all stakeholders.

Lauri Newton | Human Resources Generalist & Payroll Coordinator

Lauri brings over 15 years of experience to our Human Resources and Payroll departments and brings a strong work ethic to Argus which aligns with our Values, Mission, and strategies. Lauri takes pride in providing the best services for all employees.

Maricela Espinoza | HR Generalist & Training Coordinator

Maricela has 13 plus years of experience in Human Resources and Training.  As part of the Human Resources Team, she looks forward to working with the mission to develop all employees to align with the goals and strategies set by Argus. Maricela strives to provide Argus and its employees with the highest quality of services to move our great organization forward.

Jacqueline Siliezar | Human Resources Technician

Jacqueline has over 4 years of experience with Argus and Human Resources. She is a team player and is always ready to jump in and help her team meet deadlines. Jaqueline has a background in accounting and brings a strong work ethic to Argus aligning with our values, mission, and strategies as a company.
Regional Directors of Operations

Joe Razo | Regional Director of Operations - Central Division 

Joe Razo joined the Argus Professional Storage Management Team in 2008 and serves as the company’s Regional Director of Operations covering our Central Division. In addition to supervising the day to day operations of 14 properties, he also helps oversee millions of dollars of capital expenditure projects over the last several years and continues to help the company in this capacity today.

Prior to joining APSM as a District Manager, Joe was a Site Manager for Professional Self Storage Management as well as another self-storage company in Dallas for 5 years. Before entering the self-storage industry, Joe worked 5 years in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and was a General Manager in the restaurant industry. Joe attended the University of North Texas studying Business Management.

Joe spends a lot of time on the road for business but when he is at home he enjoys spending time with his family.
Joe Razo

Donna Lay | Regional Director of Operations - Western Division

Donna joined the Argus Professional Storage Management Team in 2012 and serves as the company’s Regional Director of Operations covering our Western Division. She is responsible for revenue enhancement, rental activity, expense control, pricing, market competition, property repairs and maintenance, budgeting, auditing, as well as tenant relations, and the hiring & training of Property Managers. She will assist with marketing initiatives, phone skills, and will suggest and implement methods to increase traffic and closing sales ratios for her Managers. She works closely with several of our clients keeping them informed of facility progress and budgets, as well as identifying any financial variations that clients would need to be aware of.

Prior to joining APSM, Donna worked as South Regional Manager with National REO and has experience in Asset Management, Foreclosures, Training, Regional Budgets, Expense Control, and Pricing Vendor Contracts. She has a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Business with a concentration in Business Administration from Arizona State University.

Donna enjoys surfing, hiking and spending time with her family and is a dedicated Raiders Fan.
Donna Lay

Dan Fischer | Regional Director of Operations - Mountain Division 

Dan Fischer joined Argus Professional Storage Management Team in early 2018. He serves as the company’s Regional Director of Operations - Mountain Division, responsible for 3 district managers & 43 self-storage facilities in 5 states. He brought a lot of experience with him along with new ideas and is helping to grow APSM’s presence not only in Colorado but also in neighboring states.

Prior to joining APSM, Dan worked as District Team Lead with the William Warren Group for many years with significant experience in Multi-Unit Self Storage Property Management.

Dan enjoys the outdoors, spending time with his grandbabies, sports and loves to coach people to be better at their job.
Dan Fischer

Ruben Jurado | Regional Director of Operations -Southwest Division

Ruben Jurado joined the Argus Professional Storage Management Team in 2011 and serves as the company’s Regional Director of Operations - Southwest Division. He, along with his Team Lead, is currently responsible for overseeing 20 New Mexico self storage properties for 3 different Clients. He supervises 26 employees and is very proud to say that all his stores are doing very well. Ruben prides himself on providing his team with the tools they need to be successful in managing the daily operations of their sites. He also works with his team on budgeting, revenue management and marketing.

Prior to being working at APSM, Ruben worked as a Storage Manager in El Paso, Texas and has additional experience in Sales, Business Management and Customer Relations.

Ruben is married to his beautiful wife Corina and has 4 beautiful children. He enjoys coaching his daughter’s Fastpitch team as well his son’s Baseball team. Ruben also enjoys hunting, camping and spending time with his family whenever he can.
Ruben Jurado
District Managers

Sara Muckelrath | District Manager - Colorado Springs

Sara started with Argus Professional Storage Management as a property manager in January 2019 with five years of storage experience. As a company who promotes from within, Sara moved up the ladder to District Manager in one year and is now managing APSM's southern district.

Off the clock, Sara enjoys snuggling with her puppies and spending time with family.

Jezzyka Razo | District Manager - TX & AR

Jezzyka Razo joined the Argus Professional Storage Management Team in 2011 and serves as a District Manager for the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan market as well as Oklahoma. She is responsible for all day to day operations at her sites including hiring, training, revenue management, audits, auctions, maintenance & repairs, customer issues and marketing.

Prior to joining APSM, Jezzyka worked as an Area Manager for Crescendo Properties, Inc. (2007-2011) where she gained experience in supervising multiple self storage facilities. She has an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Everest College.

Jezzyka enjoys volunteering with the Grand Prairie Police Department on the Citizens on Patrol Program since 2015 and currently serves as a Field Training Member. She enjoys spending time with her family, Mom and 2 brothers, and has two sons, Kevin (25) and Garth (23).
Jezzyka Razo

Chris Gidman | District Manager - South CO

Chris joined the Argus team in 2018 with eight years property management experience behind him with other portfolios. Before working in property management, Chris spent eight years in both veterinary medicine and social work. Originally from Indiana, Chris attended Howe Military Academy and graduated valedictorian before accepting a full-ride scholarship to Butler University. He was a member of a campus fraternity, Alpha Delta Tau, and left Butler with undergrad degrees in Sociology/Social Work and Psychology as part of a dual-degree program.
When Chris is not managing properties as a District Manager for the southern markets in Colorado, he spends his time hiking with his three huskies or taking cooking classes!
Chris Gidman

David Bailey | District Manager - North CO

David Bailey joined the Argus Professional Storage Management team in February 2018 and serves as the company’s District Manager in Northern Colorado. David brought 12 years of self-storage management experience to Argus and currently oversees 8 properties with 15 employees.

Prior to joining APSM and in self-storage, David worked in retail management for 20 years and has a BS in Physical Education from Cal Poly University Pomona and an AA in Liberal Arts from Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA.

When not working, David likes to go hiking, mountain biking, going to the movies, trying new restaurants and is a big Broncos fan.
David Bailey
Mike Latta | District Manager - TX & OK
Mike Latta joined the Argus Professional Storage Management team in September of 2019 and currently covers stores in Texas and Oklahoma. Mike has been in the self storage industry since 2002. He has spent the last 17+ years with Life Storage and Storage Asset Management; leading properties throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arizona, and Louisiana. Mike brings with him expertise in Operations, Team Development, Client Relations, Revenue Management, and completing CapEx enhancement projects.

Mike has a BA in Political Science from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.

When not working, Mike enjoys spending time with his wife Jo, his dog Mardi, fishing, snorkeling, cooking, DIY projects, LSU football, and traveling.
Mike Latta
Rebeca Holguin | District Manager - NM

Rebeca joined the Argus Professional Storage Management team in 2012 and serves as a District Manager for the New Mexico district. She oversees 11 NM self-storage properties. A few of her responsibilities are conducting audits, hiring, day to day operations, and repair & maintenance of all stores. Rebeca assures herself that all her team has all the necessary skills and tools to keep them successful.

Started working in 2007 as an Assistant Manager but had to leave for health issues. She started working for a finance company where she gained experience and knowledge in supervising and was able to grow personally and professionally. In 2012 she received the opportunity to start working again in the self-storage business as Store Manager where she was able to put all her skills to make sure the store was successful. She was promoted as an NM Team Lead where she was proud to work along with all Storage Managers and District Manager in training them, conducting audits, and time management.

She studied at El Paso Community College for a minor as a Sign Language Interpreter. On her time off she dedicates her time to her family and church. She is married to her husband Pastor Victor Holguin, and they enjoy their children and 1 grandson. They volunteer in helping the most vulnerable families & children in our neighboring country of Mexico. She loves going camping, crafting, watching movies, and decorating for weddings or any party occasion.

Matt Vestal | District Manager - CO & WY

Matt Vestal joined Argus Professional Storage Management in 2018 as a Site Manager, and because of his success, hard work, and eagerness to grow with the company, he was promoted to a District Manager position in 2020. He currently oversees 8-10 properties in Northern Colorado and Wyoming and works with the 15+ team members within his District to drive occupancy, revenue, and provide the support they need to be successful. Before joining APSM, Matt worked as a manufacturer’s representative in the food service industry.

When not working, Matt enjoys being outside, skiing, coaching soccer, and hanging out with his wife, Lindsey, their two daughters, and his dog.

Adel Westbury | District Manager In Training

Adel Westbury joined the Argus Professional Storage Management team in 2018. Adel has been in the storage industry since 1994, with over 25 years of experience. She came from US Storage Centers as a Senior Manager with stores in Texas and Tennessee, and formally Lockaway Storage DM and New Property Acquisitions manager, which included Penske trucks and Lockaway Moving Company. Adel brings her knowledge of budget and UHaul truck rentals. She started out as an assistant manager with Shurgard Self Storage and loved it. Coming from management for 6 years at Army Air Force Exchange Service, 3 years in Europe and 3 years in South Dakota where she also studied as a paralegal and was a foster parent for 6 years.

Adel on her time off enjoys fishing, spending time with her daughters, and loves watching the sunset.
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